Creating Leaders

The Company

Pearl Hospitality was founded in 2000 with the goal of creating a special kind of Real Estate Company and it has grown to become one of the most successful hotel developers and operators in the Southwest. Pearl earned its reputation by combining cost controls and meticulous attention to detail in its development projects, while also offering unmatched customer service and guest experience in each of its operating hotels.

With significant in-house design and construction experience, we’re able to maintain higher standards with greater efficiencies through the construction process. By involving our operations team in the design and construction phase, we’re able to dramatically increase the functionality and comfort of our hotels. Pearl’s hotels consistently lead their markets in both financial performance as well as a guest satisfaction. The Company’s turn-key integrated model creates value for its guests, associates, and investors and financial partners.

The Culture

We believe that by investing in the growth of our people, we’re investing in the future growth of our company. This simple yet powerful idea is what sets Pearl apart from other hospitality companies – and what drives our continuing success.

Our company mission statement – “to create leaders” – is an idea we fervently believe in. Every day, we’re creating leaders by challenging individuals to unleash their inner potential and strive for excellence. Each partner, manager, and associate atPearl is continually focused on both personal and professional growth.

We actively develop systems and procedures that reward originality, encourage high standards of integrity and accountability, and create a work environment filled with fun, enthusiasm, and positive energy. Our associates absolutely love working at Pearl, and their pleasure manifests itself in a continuing commitment to delivering nothing but the best.

The Pearl Experience

Building Community

Our company’s foundation is built on “Trust”- having strong and healthy relationships with one another.

We are committed to being a support in each other's lives (personally and professionally).

We challenge each other to have transparent, genuine, and honest relationships with one another.


We are committed to always seeking self and team improvement.

We aggressively seek opportunities to creatively grow the business.

We create our own benchmarks for success.

We want to be the best at what we do and perform with excellence at all times.


We will stand behind any individual who makes “just and appropriate” decisions, even in the face of oppositions or obstacles.

We do the right thing when no one is looking...every moment.

We value individuals whose actions and thoughts are in alignment.

We build trust with each other by being honest.


We value individuals who are in tune with their personal emotions and feelings, as well as those of the people around him/her.

We value individuals who are vigilant of their surroundings and who respond with thoughtfulness.

We value individuals who notice changes in a co-worker’s body language, facial expression, or demeanor, and who act appropriately.


We are opportunistic! We look for ways to appreciate people, to praise people for a job well done, to be positive, and to enthusiastically recognize achievements.

We have fun every day!


We proactively take actions to assist our guests and associates and to take care of our assets.

We personally take responsibility for the success and failures for the things around us.


We have a genuine desire to put the needs of other people before our own.

We take care of people. We welcome people into our hotels as our personal guests.

We anticipate needs and exceed expectations by putting our personal inconveniences aside.

We believe that acts of kindness can be carried out through service wows.

Be A Coach

We value a leader who mentors and inspires those around.

We value a leader who can draw out the best in others and one who will genuinely strive to promote their growth.

Creating Leaders

Our company mission statement – “Creating Leaders” – is an idea we fervently believe in. Every day, we create leaders by challenging individuals to unleash their inner potential and strive for excellence. We not only give people a job to do – we inspire them to do it better. And we create a work environment filled with fun, enthusiasm, and positive energy.